Decorate for a Fabulous Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party Car KitObviously, if you will be going out, you do not need to do much in terms of decorating, but if you are holding the party in your home or an event room you will want to add some decorating items to the room. Many times the host will choose to decorate based on the colors of the upcoming wedding. This is a nice touch and can be achieved easily by using a couple of our inexpensive products.


• Never underestimate the power of decorating with balloons! They can transform any room into a cozy and festive space in minutes at a very low cost. Check out our wide variety of high quality latex and mylar balloons in all shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors. Balloon arches are ideal for entryways, photo backdrops, or to highlight different areas around a party room. Lady Bug Balloon Decorating Tape product that can be used to build a 25′ long archway using helium filled balloons. Bachelorette Party Latex Balloons are a great choice for this event.
• Balloon strands and swags are the perfect accessory to hang across the ceiling of a large room. For a very dramatic look, outline the perimeter of a room with balloon strands.
• Balloon columns work much the same way that balloon arches do, in that they are ideal when placed at entryways, for use as a photo backdrop, or as a terrific splash of color placed at intervals around a party room.

If you have not had the pleasure of decorating with gossamer in the past, you are in for a delightful surprise. It is a wonderful, lightweight fabric that creates fabulous decorating touches at a very reasonable price. It drapes, hangs, and holds its shape beautifully.
• If you are decorating a large area, or want to make any area look more intimate and festive, use gossamer to drape, swag, or cover just about anything. Ceilings, walls, doorframes, edges of table skirting, or tabletops all look terrific when accented with gossamer.
• Create a tent-like appearance by gathering the gossamer at a central point in the ceiling and draping it to the walls. Many unsightly gymnasiums and banquet halls have been transformed into fantasy locations using our gossamer.
• Twist or braid two colors together for a stunning look.
• Wrap gossamer around columns, stair rails, or balloon arches in your theme colors.
• One of the hottest trends today is to cover banquet or reception chairs with chair bows … and it is quite costly! At a budget price, you can drape a piece of 19″ gossamer across the top of each chair back, and then tie a gossamer streamer bow around the back of the chair. The bows can be cut to any length and even look lovely with tails trailing on the floor.
• Make bows out of gossamer streamers to hang anywhere and everywhere … chairs, doorways, church pews, stair rails, packages, or table-ends. The bows hold their shape beautifully at a fraction of the cost of wired ribbon.

Table Decorations & Napkins:
• Try one of our centerpieces for big table impact at a budget price.
• Add other personalized items such as stadium cups and imprinted glassware to each place setting to let guests know just how much you care. These items will stir fond memories of the “best bash ever” for many years to come.
• For an original touch on your party table, use a gold paint pen to draw random dots or squiggles on the handles of purple plastic cutlery. Tie the plastic flatware together with curling ribbon or gossamer streamers…big impact at a little price!
• Order personalized napkins and have them imprinted with your party slogan and design of your choice. Select a metallic or foil imprint. The napkins will serve several purposes – great decorating in disguise and a delightful memento of the party that can be saved in scrapbooks for years to come!

All your tableware will coordinate when you use the Blushing Bride Tableware Ensemble. The fun feminine pattern is perfect for this party!

Check out all of our Bachelorette Party supplies!

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