Activities for an Outrageous Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Tiara & SashIf you will be holding your party at home, here are a couple of suggestions for fun activities:
• Have everyone bring pictures of their first boyfriends – have guests pick whose boyfriend goes with whom.
• Hire a fortune teller to come in and predict everyone’s future!
• Play poker and tell jokes (just like the guys would).

If you feel especially daring, pull out some stogies! If you will be going out on the town to party, here are a few fun ideas to make the bride-to-be turn three shades of red!!
• Adorn the honoree with a Bride T-shirt.
• On the back of the T-shirt have each of her friends write one piece of advice for the honeymoon. Make sure that these are obnoxious and embarrassing things to make this really fun!
• Attach a large teddy bear to the bride-to-be using handcuffs. This is great fun for her to drag around all night just like the “old ball and chain” suggestion.
• Send your friend on a Treasure Hunt. Have her gather the following items from each bar that you visit that night:
Book of Matches
Shot Glass
Dinner Receipt
Dry Rice
Gum/Breath Mints

• Here are some other things that you could have the bride do throughout the evening:
o Get 5 guys to buy her a drink
o Get a guy to serenade her
o Get 10 DJ’s to play her favorite song

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