Invitation Tips for a Rehearsal Dinner Party

Dreaming of Moonlight InvitationWhether or not you choose to send out invitations for your rehearsal dinner is entirely up to you since it is considered acceptable to forfeit this step during your busy time. We do suggest, however, that you do send out an informal invitation a few weeks prior to the scheduled date, to ensure that there are no misunderstandings about who is invited and who is not. Here is a guideline for who should be invited:

• Parents of the bride and groom.
• Members of the wedding party and their spouses or significant others.
• The wedding coordinator and spouse.
• Parents of any children participating in the wedding.
• The clergyman and spouse.
• Special out-of-town relatives, especially grandparents.

Keep your invitation simple and not too extravagant – you certainly don’t want to overshadow your wedding invitation. Any store-bought invitation can be made appropriate for a rehearsal dinner – just add a few sprinkles of rose confetti in the envelope for a special touch!


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