Activities for a Rehearsal Dinner to Remember

Capture-the-Moments-Satin-Photo-AlbumBefore dinner there should be some time for formal introductions to be made. Many times family members of the bride have never met family members of the groom – so now is the time to get acquainted! If it is a close, intimate group in attendance, have the bride and groom say something specific about each person. This could be how they met, or what each person has done to make their life more fulfilled. This can become a very emotional and meaningful time during the big weekend celebration!

Here are some more ideas for the dinner:

During the dinner you will want to set aside time for toasts. This usually occurs right before or during the dessert. The father of the groom typically starts the toasts, and then the best man goes next. The groom usually has a toast to his new bride and then the floor is open for other well-wishers to toast the happy couple.

If the bride and groom are fun-loving and outgoing, have them put on a short skit about how they met, their first date, and the proposal. This can provide great entertainment for all!

This is normally the night that the bride and groom give out their attendance Gifts as a token of appreciation to all those that will be participating in the wedding.

Often times a video or slide show will be shown during the evening of the bride and groom growing up. Pick some appropriate music to play in the background and include as many pictures as possible of different stages of their lives. End with an engagement picture, or cute picture of the couple together.

Again, if you will be creating a theme for this event, have a couple of activities related to the theme available for entertainment. For example, a Caribbean party would not be complete without a limbo competition!

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