Invite Guests to Celebrate with Engagement Party Invitations

Gateway to Destiny InvitationAn engagement party is a wonderful celebration of a couple’s decision to spend the rest of their lives together as husband and wife. This event should be a very happy occasion with close friends and family together to share in the excitement! An engagement party is generally hosted by the bride’s parents, however, it is acceptable for the bride and groom to host their own celebration. This type of party does not require the guests to bring gifts, only their congratulations! Here are a couple of fun invitation ideas that are sure to add to the celebrating!

Scan an individual picture of each of the bride and groom onto the front of a card. Draw a faint line diagonally across the both pictures (like you are X-ing them out). On the inside of the card scan a picture of them together and say, “Let’s give our congratulations to Katie and Chris on their decision to join together forever.”

Glue a piece of heavy string tied in a knot to the front of a blank card. On the inside say, “Laura and Jeremy decided to tie the knot – let’s help them celebrate!”

If you opt for an invitation that is formally printed and not homemade, the Create-An Invitation is the perfect one to send for this type of event!

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