Activities for a Fantastic Engagement Party

Ashley-Photo-AlbumThere will definitely be many toasts that are made over the course of the evening, normally starting with the announcement of the engagement by the bride’s father. The groom typically follows by responding with a toast to his fiancé.

Here are few other creative options to help get all of the guests highly involved in the celebration and anticipation of the big day!

• Have the guests come up with a “Number One Rule” of wedding arrangements or marriage. This should be their own words of wisdom or advice mixed with some humor. To make it more interesting, award a prize to the winner!
• You could ask each guest to make predictions for the couple’s future. Take turns saying, “In 10 (20, 30, 40, 50) years time, I think you will…” You will be surprised with the things people come up with!
• Have everyone at the party tell a little story about the couple. “I Remember When…” could start each person’s story. This will definitely bring a lot of laughs!
• As a group, create a couple’s scrapbook or photo collage of the couple. Ask each guest to bring photos of the couple for the project and then present it to the couple at the end of the night.

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