Share the Fun with a Progressive Party

Margarita-Balloon-ArchA progressive party can be hosted to spread the joy of having a party around. Several couples or families can host this event. Anniversary parties, retirement parties, Going Away parties, Milestone Birthdays…this format works great for any occasion. A progressive party is one in which guests travel from home to home, eating one course at each stop. The joint hosts/hostesses get together to plan the affair and that can be half the fun! Design the invitation to look like a tri-fold restaurant menu or a treasure map, and even include pictures of each host family (easy with access to a color copier). Let guests know which course they will enjoy at each stop, and include a map if necessary. A unique twist would be to rent either a few stretch limousines, or a trolley. Check the options in your city, so that everyone can travel together. Combine the progressive party with another theme, and then have each home decorated in colors or kits matching the theme. Browse our other theme Party TipZ for more inspiration!

The progressive dinner is easiest if five host couples share the responsibility, but can be combined to reduce the number of stops. Ideally, the dinner would work in the following manner:

• 1st home – appetizers and cocktails
• 2nd home – soup and salad
• 3rd home – the main course
• 4th home – dessert and coffee. This stop is also ideal for photographs, as guests are usually quite relaxed by this time.
• 5th home – fruit, cheese and liqueurs (easiest preparation), and party favors.

Using paper and plastic tableware is a must for this type of party…no-one wants to take the time to do dishes before they leave for the next stop, or face the dishes when they arrive home!

Personalized napkins are also great for a progressive party. Choose a party slogan and logo and have napkins custom imprinted for your event. All your tables will be coordinated and the napkins make great keepsakes too!

The last home would also be the ideal stop to play a few games, have fun music to dance to, or a Karaoke sing-along.

Check out all of our party supplies for more ways to decorate your Progressive Party.

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