Let it Snow Party Food & Drink Ideas

In the middle of winter, your basic choices are to rebel with a tropical luau party, or to go with the flow of the snow. Today, let’s talk about the second option.

Food for a Let It Snow Party

Go with plans that fit both your money budget and your time budget. Imagine anything from hors d’oeuvre trays to fondue pots, from a chili supper buffet to a full sit down dinner, when it comes to a Let It Snow winter party. Adjust the time of your Let It Snow party to suit the menu (i.e., a party earlier in the evening will probably involve a meal, while an event starting later will be a nosh). Adorn your food presentation by placing glitter snowflake centerpieces and glitter snowflake cutouts on your tables, and hanging snowflake swirls over a buffet table or bar.

Beverages for a Let It Snow Party

If you plan on setting up a basic bar, have the following on hand for every 10 adult guests:
• 1 case of beer
• 2 liters of seltzer
• 3 liters of soft drinks (diet and regular)
• 2 quarts of fruit juice
• 2-3 liters of chilled bottled mineral water (sparkling and flat)
• 2 bottles of wine – one red, one white
• Hard liquor – a fifth makes approx. 14 drinks
• Lemon and lime wedges and twists, olives and other garnishes
• Lots of ice – plan on 1 lb. per adult guest for the evening.

Consider adding a couple of the following seasonal beverages to fit the festive occasion:
• Eggnog
• Cranberry Cocktail
• Hot Chocolate
• Wassail
• Coffee Bar – set out a couple of flavored liqueurs, brandy, whipped cream, and grated chocolate garnish drinks with decorative ice cubes. Try using shaped ice-cube trays, adding a little food coloring into the water, or adding mint leaves or raspberries to the water before freezing.

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