Host an Extravagant Masquerade Bash

Midnight Masquerade Columns & Lamp PostThis theme is perfect for any celebration that calls for extravagance, elegance and opulence! Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, milestone birthdays, weddings, and black tie fund-raising events all lend themselves perfectly to choosing this theme.


After selecting this theme for your party, choose a slogan to use in your invitations, and to use in tying in decorations, favors and more to your theme. Try one of the following, or come up with a slogan that fits your personality and the tone you wish to set for your party:
• Masquerade Magic
• Midnight Masquerade
• Masked Ball
• Millennial Masquerade
• Venetian Masquerade
• Midsummer Masquerade
• Midwinter Masquerade
• Masked Magic


This fancy dress theme party provides an opportunity to pull out all the stops! A personalized masquerade invite will set just the right tone for your party.

As an alternative, mail out inexpensive metallic masks with a hand written or computer generated tag attached with all the details of the party as your invitation. Request that each guest customize their mask to match their party attire, and wear the mask to the party. Suggest that they embellish them with feathers, tulle, rhinestones, paint, sequins, etc. Award prizes for different categories: “biggest”, “most creative”, “best match with attire”, etc.


For the most dramatic effect, ask guests to dress in black-tie formal wear. If you expect that some people will be reluctant, make the party “Black-tie Optional.” That way, most people will come dressed up, and those who don’t want to won’t avoid the party.


A string quartet or harpist would be the perfect musical accompaniment for this party, especially during the cocktail hour and dinner. For a less formal approach, try a DJ or some festive CDs on your own stereo.


Before you select your decorations, choose a color theme to work with. Generally, working with at least two colors, but no more than three works best. For a masquerade theme, choose one solid color, and complement it with either silver or gold.

• Check out perfect Masquerade and Harlequin Masks Centerpiece.
• We offer hundreds of decorations in silver and gold. Glittery curtains, huge inexpensive chandeliers, draped gold and silver gossamer, and zillions of silver and gold balloons just to start with! To add some extra flare to your party…purchase several cans of silver and gold spray paint, and cover anything and everything (not living) in your theme colors. A few suggestions? Cover disposable cameras, serving dishes (even inexpensive plastic can be sprayed), old chairs…the possibilities are endless.

• Never underestimate the power of decorating with balloons, as they can transform any room into a cozy and festive space in minutes at a very low cost. Balloon strands and swags are the perfect accessory to hang across the ceiling of a large ballroom, tent or gymnasium. For a very dramatic look, outline a dance floor or the perimeter of a room with balloon strands. Balloon columns work much the same way that balloon arches do, in that they are ideal when placed at entryways, for use as a photo backdrop, or as a terrific splash of color placed at intervals around a party room.

• If you have not had the pleasure of decorating with gossamer in the past, you are in for a delightful surprise. It is a wonderful, lightweight fabric that creates fabulous decorating touches at a very reasonable price. It drapes, hangs and holds its shape beautifully. The gossamer comes in a multitude of colors, patterns, and widths to fit any party decoration need. If you are decorating a large area, or want to make any area look more intimate and festive, use gossamer to drape, swag, or cover just about anything. Ceilings, walls, doorframes, edges of table skirting, or tabletops all look terrific when accented with gossamer. Create a tent-like appearance by gathering the gossamer at a central point in the ceiling and draping it to the walls. Many unsightly gymnasiums and banquet halls have been transformed into fantasy locations using our gossamer. Twist or braid two colors together for a stunning look. Wrap gossamer around columns, stair rails, or balloon arches in your theme colors.
• One of the hottest trends today is to cover banquet or reception chairs with chair bows! With our metallic silver or gold gossamer (at a budget price), you can drape a piece of 19″ gossamer across the top of each chair back, and then tie a gossamer streamer bow around the back of the chair. The bows can be cut to any length, and even look lovely with tails trailing on the floor.

• Columns provide an elegant decorating touch. We have several ready-made columns that can be accented with gossamer, streamers, or garland. They also look sleek and sophisticated standing alone or grouped together. Columns provide a grand entry-way or a great photo backdrop, and also work well to section off a large room (dance area, food area, etc.)

• Add twinkle lights to balloon arches, strands, columns or clouds, to gossamer swags and ceiling tents, table edges, or around the perimeter of a room.
• Think romance and mood lighting…candles, candles, and more candles in a shade to match your color theme. Use tapers, balls, and votives to pull together a sophisticated color theme. Fill all the tables with various sized candles and keep them lit throughout the evening. Prior to the party, put your candles in the refrigerator or freezer. Cooler candles will burn for a much longer period of time.
• Floating candles look absolutely lovely and elegant. Color the water with food coloring to match your color theme. (Just like painting in elementary school, the food coloring can be mixed to achieve just about any color you need!) Place a glass bowl, or several different sized wineglasses filled with water on a mirror. Add candles, and colored or clear gemstones and enjoy the dreamy look you have created!

Masquerade InvitationTABLEWARE:
• For tables, use super-shine table covers and skirting in silver or gold. This will add to the formal elegant tone of the evening.
• Gone are the days when guests expected to be served on good china. While formal dishes certainly still have their place today, more and more hosts and hostesses are using paper goods. Plastic and paper goods are now acceptable even at fun themed formal events. Our metallic silver or gold paper goods appear to be quite formal. Many country clubs and reception halls are using these products as a method of serving a large group with matching tableware, at a fraction of the cost of renting china. Cleanup is also much less costly.
• If you are entertaining a larger group, and are not using good silver or stainless cutlery, try this tip to make plastic cutlery look more festive. For an original touch on your party table, use a paint pen in a color to complement your theme colors to draw random dots or squiggles on the handles of plastic cutlery. Tie the plastic flatware together with floral or satin ribbon…big impact at a little price!
• Order personalized napkins imprinted with your special theme slogan, and wording to recognize the individual or event you are celebrating. Choose from a wide range of napkin and ink colors. Select a metallic foil, holographic foil, prismatic foil, or traditional ink imprint. The napkins will serve several purposes…great decorating in disguise, and a delightful memento of a magical evening.
• Check out the huge selection of custom imprinted glassware. There’s flutes, goblets, mugs, and snifters in a multitude of sizes, shapes, style and color options. Guests can drink water, wine, soft drinks, etc. from a special glass, then take the glass home and fondly recall the party every time they see the glass. All will add a lovely, elegant touch to your tables. Tie a small piece of satin ribbon, curling ribbon, or gossamer streamer to each stem for a festive look. The glassware can also hold a gathered cloth or paper napkin to create a tall dramatic look at each place setting. Glassware filled with candy, mints, or chocolate treats or with metallic shred to match your theme colors also creates a terrific table accent.

• Serve a formal sit down meal, complete with placecards. A Venetian flavored meal works perfectly with this theme. Garnish food with edible loose-leaf gold, and cover dessert in tiny edible silver and gold balls. Serve dry snacks and appetizers in metallic top hats turned upside down. Sheer glitz and glamour, this party will shine and sparkle in the memories of your guests.
• At the entry to the area where guests will be dining, place a large ornate, gilded mirror on a standing easel. On the mirror, in a removable paint marker, write the menu for the evening in a calligraphic hand.

Even the most limited of budgets will find a suitable favor! Attendees of a black-tie masquerade affair are most deserving of a favor to remember the evening by! One element that is essential to a Masquerade Party is to have a photographer available to take plenty of pictures to capture the magic of the evening. Fancy clothing, highly adorned masks and a festive atmosphere…all deserve to be documented and preserved. Create a photo backdrop, and encourage all the guests to stop by to have a “formal” picture taken. The photographs can then be used as a party favor, along with a personalized frame imprinted with your event slogan to commemorate the evening.

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