Festive Activities for a Fall Harvest Party

Monster Lab Beanbag TossRake up all those leaves that have fallen in your front yard and play Leaf Pile Hunt. Hide lots of wrapped candy in the leaf pile and let the kids hunt in the pile for the surprises.

Try your hand at bowling on grass; use a pumpkin as a ball and 2-liter pop containers as pins!

For a creative, fun relay race, have your guests line up in two lines standing single file. The object is to pass an apple down the line using anything but hands (chin, legs, or elbows all work!). The first team that gets their apple down the line wins!

Have a pumpkin seed spitting contest.

Bob for apples – a Fall Harvest party must!

For the youngest partygoers, a game of Musical Hay bales is a sure way to prevent guests from “leafing” the party!

Gather up some Indian corn and have a corn-husking race. Award prices for the most done in 1 or 3 minutes.

Have a rip-roaring bond fire complete with marshmallows and a sing-a-long!

Last, but certainly not least, provide your guests with a horse drawn hayride for an autumn festive feeling! If you can’t find a horse, a tractor is the next best thing!

Tell us your Fall Harvest party ideas!

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