Greek Finger Food for a Toga Party

Silk Ivy GarlandHere are some suggestions for Toga Party munchies:

Use large platters (purchase inexpensive platters – even disposable foil will work) and spray paint them gold. Fill them with fresh chunks of cheese in a variety of colors, huge bunches of grapes still on the vine, fruits, dates, figs and nuts, and big whole loaves of bread in varying sizes.

For heartier fare, serve chicken with figs, a phyllo spinach tart, and garlicky olives. Cover the platters with ivy vines.

Serve robust wine from a terra cotta urn or golden pitchers.

If an “Animal House” atmosphere is more to your taste, serve lots of finger food, chips, beer nuts, etc. – and have a couple of kegs of beer on hand!

Decorate your tables or your guests with silk ivy garland. Check out all of our party decorations for more ideas!

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