Greek Activities for a Terrific Toga Party

Toga Party WearablesIf you want your party to have a formal elegant tone, hire a harpist to play during the mingling and dining portion of your party. Tyres and panpipes are other instruments that would provide appropriate entertainment. For dancing, go with fun dance music provided by a DJ or your own stereo!

Here are more activity ideas for your Greek party:

A Greek costume contest is a terrific idea for a Toga Party. Award prizes for “best costume”, “most authentic”, “best accessories”, “most likely to become a Roman goddess”, etc.

Prepare a trivia quiz filled with information about Greek mythology and Roman customs and traditions – a great way to entertain and educate your guests!

Play a fun game of “bobbing for olives” (or grapes)! Use individual wide-mouth glasses or bowls – one per player – filled with either martinis or sparkling water. Let each player bob for the olive using only his or her mouth. Use a stopwatch and time players one at a time. Good for lots of laughs!

Create a backdrop for “official” Toga Party photos. Whether your backdrop is as simple as a stunning metallic curtain or a column decorated with hanging vines, reserve a place where everyone can have a special souvenir photo taken. This is a night they will want to remember forever!

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  • Thanks for the Toga party game ideas.

    Here an idea in return.

    Chariot Races
    A piggy-back race where the contestants have to make it to the finishing line without spilling their beers. Amusing and fun to watch.

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