Tropical Decorations for a Party in Paradise

Hawaiian Sunset Photo Mural Here you’ll find lots of tropical theme decorations. Though some of them may be too Hawaiian, you’ll be sure to find lots of others that would work perfectly for a Caribbean event and here are some of our favorites :

Outdoor Decorations:
• Start out the truly tacky way and line your front yard with pink flamingos yard decorations. Your guests won’t stop laughing until they get into their cars to leave!
• Set up a raffia cabana at your front door or club entrance for your guests to walk through!
• If you will be partying outside, hang some wind chimes and tropical lights around to add to the ambiance of your Caribbean air.
• Bring some cool tropical shade to your special event with a beach umbrella!
• Keep your party drinks nice and cold and at the same time have a fun warm-climate decoration with an inflatable palm tree cooler.

Indoor Decorations:
• There are some beautiful tissue fish that you can use to hang from ceilings and place on tables and doors.
• Palm trees are a must for creating a tropical atmosphere. You can never have too many palm trees!
• Decorative parrots are perfect for over your buffet or drink table!
• An inflatable sun ranks right up there as a favorite for a fun and spunky decoration!
• Palm leaf gossamer is great for decorating large areas or draping over unsightly objects to give them an island flair.
• Select bright colors like red, yellow, and green as your primary decorating colors. Use some of our balloons, streamers, and curling ribbon to decorate your party site. These add a big impact at a very low cost!
• Place lots of tropical fruit around – large bunches of bananas, coconut and tissue pineapples – to add to the Caribbean theme.
• Beach towels would also be another economical decorating item – cover chairs with them, or place them in piles around the party site.

Table Decorations and Napkins:
• Scatter seashells around some of our tropical centerpieces for a fun look. Again, we love flamingo or pineapple centerpieces for this theme.
• At your tables, be sure to have several coconut votive candles burning and a couple sets of maracas on each table would add a cute flair. Who knows? Maybe your guests would actually get up and start their own rhythm!
• If you can, make buffet tables from surfboards. Place some of our straw beachcomber hats upside down and line them with plastic wrap. Then, fill them with different snacks for your guests – chips, nuts, etc.
• Conch shells are a perfect item to place on your buffet table. Make small cards that have the names of the dishes you are serving on them and place them inside the large shells to show what the selections are. Arrange the shells in various ways to add interest to the table.
• Show your guests just how much you care by offering personalized napkins that complement your theme. We offer a large selection of dinner, luncheon and beverage napkins in an impressive palette of 20 colors. We also offer a wide range of ink colors, as well as a metallic foil, holographic foil, prismatic foil or a traditional ink imprint.

These napkins can be imprinted with your special wording and the design of your choice. They are soft and elegant, yet reasonably inexpensive. They are 3-ply to offer you a sturdy but extravagant feel. The napkins will serve several purposes – great decorating in disguise and a delightful memento of the party that can be saved in scrapbooks for years to come!

Napkins can be laid out on a buffet table, or can be displayed at each place setting. Place napkins in the center of each place setting at an angle, or unfold them and place them in glasses for a tall dramatic look.


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