Food and Drink Tips for a Party in Paradise

Plastic Margarita GlassesFood and drink are key parts of your Party in Paradise. Rum is a favorite drink in the Caribbean; it is because of this, that you will want to consider serving these rum drinks as well as many others:

Rum Punch
Rum and Coke
Pina Coladas

Be sure to garnish each of these tropical drinks with the authentic umbrella toothpicks!

Here are some menu ideas that are sure to add a tropical flair to your event!

Anything that includes crabmeat is an excellent choice! You could serve crab legs (if you wish to go all out!), crab salad, or crab dip for starters.

Cucumber salad works well with this theme.

Coconut fried shrimp is not only yummy, it is a perfect choice to enhance that island atmosphere you want to create!

No Caribbean Party would be complete without topping the meal off with some cool key lime pie for dessert!

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