Decorations for a Fantastic Holiday Open House

Giant Bulb Walkway SetThe great thing about entertaining in your home around the holidays is that you can show off all of your seasonal decorating that you have already done! Almost everyone does some form of decorating in their homes for the holidays, so just a few special touches can add big impact to the already festive atmosphere!

The most traditional and popular colors for the Christmas season are, of course, red and green. We suggest that with these colors you choose a specific theme to center all of your party decorations around. Some of these themes would be:

• North Pole Enchantment
• Old Fashioned Christmas
• Arctic Fun
• Peppermint and Candy Canes
• Gingerbread Men
• Snowmen

Although it is not absolutely necessary, the most effective decorating would be done around one of these themes or a blended combination of two of them. We recommend that you try not to get carried away by using one or two items from each theme, even though it is tempting! You will have the biggest impact on your guests by keeping it simple and coordinated! Keeping that in mind, we have included suggestions for all of the above themes. So, pick your favorite and go all out with it!

Outdoor Decorations:

Along with your bows, Christmas lights, and garland, here are some more great ideas to decorate the outside of your home that will help to make your guests feel welcome and jolly before they even enter your home!

To add a touch of winter magic to your lawn, place one or a few giant bulb light stakes to your front yard. To make your front porch warm and inviting, try placing one of these items next to your front door:

• 3-D Gel Light Presents
• Toy Soldier Personalized Banner
• Airblown Snow Globe
• Snowman Standee

Indoor Decorations:

Inside your home, add to your traditional decorations with one or more of these big impact items:

Candy Cane Door Set• Chair covers – Slip these oversized fabric hats over the back of your dining room or kitchen chairs for a major festive flair!
• Corrugated characters – These are perfect to use in your foyer or kitchen to establish a theme for your party!
• Gossamer is a lightweight material that you can use to drape, swag, or tie just about anywhere around your home to add a merry mood!
• Large 3D Focal Points – When you really want to make a huge statement, use one a large focal points as a main attraction.

It is always a warm and inviting touch to have a fragrant candle burning or to simmer a few cinnamon sticks on the stove!

And, don’t forget to have mistletoe hanging from ceilings and doorways throughout your home to encourage lots of hugs and kisses!

Table Decorations:

Usually during an open house you will serve the food buffet-style rather than offering a sit down dinner of any type. Even though you do not have a dining table, you can still decorate your buffet table with items that add elegance as well as glitz!

To make your buffet table more interesting, consider creating different levels to set the multiple food dishes on. This is easy to achieve by using upside-down buckets, stacks of books, paint cans, and bricks set at various heights on your table. Cover the entire surface with a white sheet or tablecloth that reaches the floor on all sides. Cover that cloth again with our gossamer or sparkle netting in a color of your choice. Gather up the second layer of fabric every few feet with gossamer streamers and evergreen sprigs. Add some confetti around the table for added sparkle.

Candles are a must on the buffet table as well as throughout your home. It is impossible to have too much candlelight this time of the year!

Another way to adorn your table is by placing several fresh sprigs of evergreens around the serving dishes and using a cute garland to weave around the entire surface. Adding a strand of twinkle lights to the table along with a few small gift-wrapped boxes is another way to create a festive flair!

For your tableware, we suggest that you purchase plastic coated plates and plastic cutlery in red or green (if you do not have enough of your fine china for all your guests!) Dress these plates up by combining them with adorable Napkins.

Bunch your plastic cutlery together into easy-to-grab servings with red and green curling ribbon and place them all in a basket lined with snow (polyester fiberfill).

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