Activities for a Fun Holiday Open House

Santa’s Helpers Photo OpThe whole purpose of an open house is to let your busy guests come and go as they wish from a relaxed atmosphere within your home. Because of this, you probably will not want to have any planned activities that require a certain number of guests or demand a lengthy stay to complete. Instead we suggest that you let the natural conversations and mingling occur as much as possible throughout the evening.

You will definitely want to provide great food, a comfortable atmosphere, and some festive background music to add to the ambiance of the affair. Other than that, if you wish to provide a few extra memories to your evening, you may want to consider one or more of the following activities:

Purchase several small gifts as favors and beautifully wrap them up in your best wrapping paper. Place them in a basket and display them in a prominent spot in your home. Determine a “code” word that each guest must say during their conversations in order to receive one of the gifts. Choose something seasonal but tricky so it isn’t obvious to everyone and then, as the host, keep your listening ears open to hand deliver a present to any guest that speaks the word!

Have a few Christmas word puzzles laying around for your guests to pick up and test their clever minds! You can find many of these types of puzzles on-line at

Set up a place in your home for picture taking. Either use of our great Photo Standees, simply place a few poinsettias near the fireplace or place a chair next to the Christmas Tree for you to take some family pictures of your guests. People are always wanting just the right picture to send out in cards or for gifts to give to family members – so be ready to provide just the right location for that unforgettable shot!

Place a large jar of Christmas candy on a table near the front door and have each guest write down how many pieces they think are in the jar. At the end of the party, whoever is still around and guessed the closest wins and gets to take home the jar of candy.


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