Survivor Party Challenges and Games

Tiki PinataOutwit, Outplay, Outlast! That’s the name of the game on Survivor and it can be your theme for the activities of the night as well. First though, here are a couple of fun ideas to get the party started:

In the invitations, tell your guests to bring along one luxury item to the party. Just like the show, this is the one thing that each survivor thinks they cannot live without. Once all the guests arrive, have everyone show their treasured item and tell why they brought it. You will be amazed at the creativity that people will show!

Another fun idea is to hold your Survivor party on the first night of a new Survivor TV season. Of course, you will want to watch the show as a group and once you are introduced to each of the new tribe members, write the 16 names down on small pieces of paper. Go around and have each person pull a name from a hat. To spice it up and have some fun, ask for a 5 dollar wager (probably a good idea to ask for the money BEFORE drawing out the names). Gather your friends back together for the finale and whoever drew the sole survivor’s name wins the pot of cash! Maybe not a million bucks, but enough to make the guests interested in the series!

Here are some challenges that may not grant immunity, but are sure to provide rewards in the end!

The young and the young at heart always enjoy the classic beach game of “limbo”. Check out a Limbo Kit and for a twist on this timeless favorite, try these variations:

Flashlight limbo – Turn off all the lights and use the beam of the flashlight as your limbo stick.
Garden-hose limbo – If party guests have their swimsuits on, or if the day is too hot for comfort, try using your garden-hose as the limbo stick.

Purchase or borrow a couple of hula-hoops. Let guests know that at a specified time there will be a “hula” contest and encourage them to practice if the mood strikes. Offer prizes, such as sun block and Chapstick, for endurance and creativity.

Fill a bowl with famous phrases, turn up the tropical music, and let your guests hula their way to winning. You could use “beach” related movies, songs, and TV shows as key phrases. (“Elvis Presley in Blue Hawaii”; “Book ‘em Dano, from Hawaii 5-0″; “Itsy Bitsy Teensy Weensy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”) Or have a past Survivor trivia game and see who is the biggest fan of the reality show.

Have a gummy bug or worm eating contest – the winner eats the most creepy crawlies in a minute.

If your party is outdoors in the summertime, have a fun game of water wars. Nothing adds excitement to a hot sunny day more than a few water balloons and a hose!

Set up a scavengar hunt and send the survivors on a mission to find the prize. First group to recover the hidden treasure wins immunity!

Take turns being a child again and swinging at a vibrant Tiki Pinata for fists full of tropical treats!

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  • have a challenge where you have a bunch of kids rolling down a hill and then when they hit the bottom they run back up the hill while jumping over the other people rolling down the hill

  • Kari and Gary are completly right!For my daughter’s 11th birthday she wants a survivor party, but hula and limbo games come on.I can garrente (i hate spelling) the kids will be calling their parents to go home before everyone even gets there.

  • I got a lot of cool ideas from A LOT of other websites, and well, they’re not really related to the SURVIVOR theme, but they still sound fun. I mean, wouldn’t a Balloon War (where you have balloons strapped to your ankle and you have to go around and try to pop the opposing team’s balloons- without popping your own!) sound fun? Isn’t the whole point of a birthday party to have fun? If you really wanted to get to the nitty-gritty of a SURVIVOR themed birthday party, you’d have to get pretty messy and everything would most likely get expensive.
    I have a pretty imaginitive mind, but when it comes to this SURVIVOR idea, I was stumped. I just like the idea of a lot of challenges. The point of SURVIVOR is to achieve challenges [and survive, but that’s beyond the point]. Now don’t go telling me that “Laying an egg”, where you and a partner have to place an egg between your backs and set it on the ground WITHOUT a single crack in it, isn’t a challenge.
    Sounds pretty fun to me. Limbo and hula-hooping gets pretty difficult. If you don’t like plain “pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey party” limbo and hula, why don’t you add in a few challenges that would be fun? Say, carring a treasure chest filled with a few rocks to make it heavy and five brain teasers in it to their team. That would be difficult AND fun.

  • Yes, this is not for adults, limbo and hula hooping are not very survivor themed but in survivor there is a lot of puzzles, try having each team put together a 100 pice puzzle (tropic themed) then on the back there is a message to go to the other side of the yard or something and the first full team to step over the line wins immunity. Also you could watch some past episodes of survivor and some of them you could use, have stinks with string attached like a fishing pole then for bait a moist gummy worm they must catch a pretzel from a cup, it does not sound hard but it is.

  • Ok some challenges include… eating a can of babyfood. water balloon contest and the least wet team win.have bubble gum on a plate covered with whipped cream, with out using hands try to get bubblegum and blow a decent bubble. The whipped cream makes it harder.

  • so many more ideas. Just watch the show and get ideas. For my daughter we are doing one and made up so many more. Like putting a cookie on your forehead and try to get it in your mouth without using your hands. Thats fun!

  • I agree with most of these comments, having a survivor birthday party means having actual survivor themed challenges. for my younger sisters 11th birthday party i went all out. I had them using locks and key, digging in the mud, and solving difficult puzzles. I had their tribes in the woods behind our house. I four going to do a survivor birthday look at past challenges on survivor and reenact them! good luck!

  • I am having a Survivor party for my Sweet 16 and we are doing lots and lots of quizzes and trvia, games like a scavenger hunt and throwing balls into moving baskets. We are doing obstacle courses and the game pretzel where your teammates all stand in a circle and hold hands then the twist themselves up and then 1 person from each tem undo them and whichever team to get undone first wins! Im sooo excited!

  • Well all of these are great ideas but what about mazes games where you have to go and unlock locks and dig and if you do them outside you definitley need to use water!!!

  • Umm since when is limbo and hula hooping survivor related challenges? Anyway… How about a relay race where you have to fill up a bucket of water before the other team. The water should be cold. Or how about a challenge where whoever melts an ice cube with their hands the fastest wins. Drink something disgusting (milk and lemonade, iced tea pepsi and rootbeer etc) If your gonna have a sleepover after a winner is declared, sleep outside if everyones comfortable with it.

    • Im almost 13 (im a girl) and i have no idea what to do but i think i have landed on the idea for survivor. There will be 14 guests (13+ me) There are 9 girls and 5 boys. What are some other challenges?

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