Decorations for a Sizzling Survivor Party

Lighted Tabletop Palm TreeShindigZ makes it easy to transport your guests to an exotic island with our large selection of decorating tips that will transform your party site into a tropical Survivor scene in a matter of minutes. Whether you are decorating a back yard, a school gym or a large convention hall, we have the decorations that guarantee you a scene right out of reality TV.

Outdoor Decorations:
• No Survivor Party would be complete without 16 lit torches. Line your front sidewalk with tiki torches leading the way to hours of island magic.
• Place a tiki entrance at your doorway to lead your guests into a native tropical paradise.
• Many Survivor parties take place around a pool or at a beach. Place our tiki pavilion nearby for a great spot to relax and enjoy a tropical drink or to pose for photos.
• Scatter a few tiki masks and tiki garden candles around your outdoor party area. Hang the masks on the walls or gates and surround your buffet table with the exotic candles.
• Surround your entire party site with palm leaf thatching and bamboo poles to create a festive tribal counsel area.

Indoor Decorations:
• The ever popular bridge that the survivors walked over is a must for this type of party. There is a bridge for decorative purposes only, sorry, no casting your votes over this bridge!
• Give your guests something to talk about when they enter your party by setting a pair of tiki torches right where they get their first drink.
• Cover unsightly walls or areas with a palm tree room setter.
• Palm trees are the ultimate mood setter so we recommend having as many on hand as you can afford. They are available in all shapes and sizes to fit any budget. For maximum effect, put your palm tree into a wading pool, fill it with sand, and add some plastic shells, starfish, and a coconut to the base of the tree. Add a little blue gossamer and some clear balloon “bubbles” to hide the sides of the pool.
• Because the gossamer drapes and hangs beautifully, you can easily create a stunning tropical waterfall. We have used doorways and ladders, or your waterfall can be attached directly to a ceiling or rooftop with pins or nails.
• Be sure to hang some tiki wall decorations on your walls, mirrors, doorways – you name it!

Table Decorations & Napkins:
Tropical Ti Leaves• Create a gorgeous tropical table in a snap! Start by setting your table with all the goodies in the Luau Party Ensemble, creating a placesetting at the table for each guest.
• Add instant charm with our lighted tabletop palm tree! It’s great for indoor or outdoor use.
• Lay some tropical ti leaves across your table, place a flaming tiki head at the center of the table, and surround it with coconut cups.
• Wrap your tables in true Survivor fashion with raffia table skirting. Add a string or two of tiki electric lights around the head table for extra flair.
• Order personalized napkins and have them imprinted with your party slogan and the design of your choice. Select a purple imprint. The napkins will serve several purposes – great decorating in disguise and a treasured memento for the guest of honor’s birthday scrapbook.

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