Invitation Tips for a Candy Cane Christmas Party

Send out holiday cheer with your invitations! These invitation tips are great for your candy cane Christmas party or other holiday party.

Be sure to send your invitations out 3-4 weeks in advance. Ask for regrets only, and expect approximately 25% of invitees to RSVP with regrets.

Our Christmas party tableware ensembles feature a matching invitation you can fill out and send to your guests. JOY (shown), Enchanted Christmas and Letters to Santa would all be good choices for a candy cane themed Christmas party.

To add a fun twist, try a plastic holiday message in a bottle. Be sure to attach extra postage, or for a personal touch hand deliver them.

Get your kids involved in the invitation process. Have them cut out and color paper candy canes, Christmas cookies or trees and write your party details on them.

Enclose a mini candy cane or a pinch of holiday party confetti in your invitations.

Check out candy cane decorations in our Christmas party supplies store.


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