Simply Elegant Cocktail Party Decorations

Bubbles Champagne Mylar BalloonDecorating for a cocktail party can be easily combined with our other theme party decorations. Try a city themed cocktail party, Paris themed cocktail party, luau theme, or casino theme to add an extra special touch to your cocktail party decorations.

For a basic cocktail party, keep your decorations simple but elegant. Our gossamer decorating material is the perfect way to start your decorating. It makes beautiful swags, drapes, curtains and table covers. Check out our gossamer tips for more ideas.

Hang streamin’ swirls ceiling decorations from the ceiling for a light-catching effect. They look really neat paired with our special party lighting.

Add balloon bouquets around your party room. Balloons look best in bunches of odd numbers. Accent your bunches with a bubbles champagne mylar balloon, curling ribbon, and balloon weights.

Well decorated tables are the key to an elegant cocktail party. Cover your tables with our sheer gossamer in your favorite color. Then, top each table with a ritzy affair centerpiece and some confetti.

Choose a tableware color to accent your tablecovers. Be sure to order enough cups, plates, napkins and cutlery for your food.

Add the finishing touch to your cocktail party decorations with personalized glassware. Place glassware candles or glassware stuffed with personalized napkins around your tables for a lovely touch. These pieces make great party favors too!

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  • I need help with my twins party (turning 13) We have reserved a place, dj, food ect but not sure how to decorate. They like silver, black, and purple. There is not a theme but would like it to look nice.
    Eight foot tables are available to us. About 75 kids will be there. Any suggestions wil be appreciated. Thanks, Lori

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