Food and Drink Tips for an Outstanding Cocktail Party

Gold Drizzle Renior GlassFood for your coctail party doesn’t have to be that fancy. Finger foods, dips, and bite-sized desserts make the best choices for this type of party. Some of our favoirte cocktail party foods include:

• Baby quiche
• Finger sandwhiches such as cucumber, ham, and cheese
• Vegetables and dip
• Stuffed mushrooms or olives
• Fruit platter
• Bite-sized cheesecake
• Mini gormet cookies
• Brownie bites

For setting up a basic bar, plan to have the following on hand for every 10 adult guests:

• 1 case of beer
• 2 liters of seltzer
• 3 liters of soft drinks (diet and regular)
• 2 quarts of fruit juice
• Plenty of chilled bottled mineral water (sparkling and flat)
• 2 bottles of wine – one red, one white
• Hard liquor – a fifth makes aprox. 14 drinks
• Lemon and lime wedges and twists, olives and other garnish
• Lots of ice – plan on 1 lb. per adult guest for the evening.

Perfect Punch
1 Quart Apple Juice
1 Quart Cranberry Juice
1 Quart Party Punch
2 Quarts Orange Juice
1 Quart Ginger Ale
Mix and chill.

Don’t forget personalized glassware for serving drinks in. Tell us about your favorite cocktail party foods!

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