Traditional Food for Oktoberfest Celebrations

Beer CandleBe sure to tell the cook “That really Schmecks!” (pronounced phonetically). In other words, that tastes great!

Oktoberfest is a great time to indulge in some traditional foods. The best of Oktoberfest includes:
• Sausage
• Hendl (chicken)
• Käsespätzle (cheese noodles)
• Sauerkraut
• Apfelstrudel
• Schnitzel with noodles
• Soups
• Beef, pork and potato filled recipes

Check with your local library for a traditional German cookbook and get cooking! This is a great opportunity to teach your kids about another culture.

Of course, beer is also another big party of Oktoberfest. Be sure to stock up on several kinds of German beers.

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