Smiley Face Cake for a Disco Party

Smiley Face CakeCreating a birthday cake for a Smiley Face, 60’s or 70’s themed party is truly easy.  

Here’s what you’ll need:

• One to three cake mixes (flavor is optional)
• Use one mix for a standard round cake pan. I suggest purchasing a large round cake pan available at bake stores and some discount stores, which can require two or three cake mixes. Check the size of the pan prior to starting.
• Icing for two to three cakes (see above)
• Yellow food coloring
• Hard board surface on which to build the cake
• Colored sprinkle sugar in pink, blue or green
• Cake decorating icing to decorate the face and write Happy Birthday

First, you’ll need to prepare the cake mixes. I usually opt for a box mix, but feel free to bake a cake from scratch. Chocolate or vanilla will work – one of each provides an option for the fickle desires of children. It works well to pour different types of cake mixes into the same pan. The line between the two won’t be perfect, but will please the “I’ll take a little of each, please” children.

Bake the cake(s) in the circular pan.

Let the cake cool.

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