“Go! Fight! Win!” Cheerleading Party Decorations!

Shoot-for-Two-Lighted-ArchGive your party guests a cheerful welcome with a Shoot for Two Lighted Arch! Set it up right outside your home or inside a large room. (It is not weather-resistant.) It will instantly get all the girls in the mood to cheer!

Pom Poms are an easy way to create the cheerleading idea by hanging them or simply having them sit on the floor. Their presence will be a sure hit!

If you don’t want to buy real pom pons, you can make your own using crepe streamers. Cut many strips of about 14 inches long and tie them together in the middle with a small piece of string. Pull and fluff the streamers to make them fluffy like pom pons.

Hang pennants around the party area for a splash of color. You choose from our variety of pennants, or make your own out of construction paper. Cut the paper into long triangles and write the names of each guest on them. Glue them onto a small dowel rod and use them as adorable placecards on your party table.

Don’t forget about balloons! They are a simple but effective way to create a festive atmosphere for any occasion or any theme. Choose the birthday girl’s favorite colors for your balloons, fill them with helium, and tie them on each chair.

You could buy several styrofoam letters and spray paint them in vibrant colors. Arrange the letters to state “GO, FIGHT, WIN” and “GO TEAM” and hang them on the wall.

Cover your tables with our paper tablecovers and jazz them up by writing randomly all over them with a paint pen. Use words like “Let’s Go” and “Victory” to fit your theme.

On the table, be sure to have some metallic shred lying in different piles of coordinating bright colors to look like a bunch of pom pons. If your party guests all go to the same school, use the local school’s colors to pull the theme together.

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