Get in the German Spirit with Oktoberfest Activities

Oktoberfest WearablesYou don’t have to have many activities at your Oktoberfest party. Enjoying the festive German food and good beer is enough, but if you want to have some entertainment check out our ideas.

Dress up in traditional Oktoberfest clothing. Men wear lederhosen–short leather pants with suspenders. Women wear dirndls with elaborate embroidery and a white blouse underneath. Oktoberfest party apparel is a fun alternative too.

Find DVDs, books, or an experienced dancer to teach you how to waltz and polka dance!

Have a beer keg race. Get two kegs—empty or full—and see who can roll them from point A to point B the fastest. It’s a lot more fun than it sounds!

Set up games for kids to play. You can let them play whatever they want or sell tickets for them to use to play the games. Some fun carnival games include:

• A beanbag toss
• A milk-bottle toss. Set up milk bottles in a pyramid shape and let kids knock them over with softballs.
• Bozo game. This one is trickier than it looks and was made famous by the TV clown. Kids should try to toss a ping-pong ball into one of several small jars. The smaller the mouth of the jar, the harder it will be. Ping-pong balls will bounce out of jars too!
• Gone fishin’. Kids toss a fishing line with a clothespin attached over a cardboard barrier. ON the other side, volunteers clip a prize to the line and toss it back. This is a fun game for little kids.
• Duck pond. Write numbers on the bottom of rubber ducks and float them in a wading pool. Kids pick up the ducks and win prizes according to the number they pick.
• Lollypop Tree. Stick suckers into a board with small holes cut in it. Color the tips of the sticks in different colors. Kids pick suckers and keep them, plus a prize depending on the color they pulled.
• Football toss. Kids take turns trying to throw a football through a tire.
• Cake walk.

Stock up on penny candy and small prizes for your carnival games.

Tell us about your Oktoberfest traditions!

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  • I’m the leader of an oompah band so we get the audience involved by toasting people in the hall such as the event coordinators, local celebrities, hardworking volunteers, etc.
    We use the traditional song “Ein prosit der gemuetlicheit” which can be found on German recordings. Also we hold dance contests (So You Think You Can Polka) and yodeling contests (Yodeling Idol) Try the “Lonely Goatherd” song from Sound of Music musical or “The Happy Wanderer” song for background music. Award prizes from Shindigz. Viel spass! (Have fun!) Oktoberfest ist wunderbar!

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