Fun Activities for a Cheerleading Party

Pom PonsIdeally for your cheerleading party, your activity will be cheerleading. See if a local squad or just a few members can come over and teach you how to cheer. Practice easy stunts, cheers and dance routines.

Another option is to watch a cheerleading movie, such as Bring it On. Plus, there are plenty of fun party games to play!

Chubby Bunny.
All you need is marshmallows and several willing victims…uh, contestants. Each contestant stuffs a marshmallow in his/her mouth and says “Chubby Bunny” (you could have them say something else – like “Go Panthers!”). They repeat this until only one person is left who can actually say the slogan with all the marshmallows in his/her mouth!

The Knot
Stand in a small circle, shoulder to shoulder and close your eyes. First, everyone reaches in their left hand and grabs someone elses hand. Then, still holding left hands, repeat with right hands. Now everyone will be holding hands with two other people (if both hands you’re holding belong to the same person that’s okay too.) Open your eyes. Try to unravel the knot you’ve created by holding hands so that everyone will be standing in an untwisted circle, holding hands. This is a good team builder and a challenging, but fun game.

Everyone sits in a circle. Choose one person to be a detective and another to be the killer. Make sure the detective is out of sight and ear-shot when you choose the killer. When the detective returns, the killer starts killing others by winking to victims. If you are a subtle killer the detective will have a hard time figuring it out. Take turns being the detective and the killer.

Tell us about your favorite cheerleading activities and check out our Party Decorations for lots of ways to create a fantastic party!


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