Bridal Shower Games and Activities

Diamond Ring BalloonGames are a traditional party of the bridal shower festivities. Here are some of our favorite bridal shower games.

A fun game that allows your guests to become familiar with the groom as well as the bride, is the “How Well Do You Know The Bride” game. Here’s how you play: Before the day of the shower, ask the groom several questions about the bride. For example, “What is her favorite flower?” or “What is her dream date?” Videotape his answers to each of the questions. At the shower, ask the same series of questions to the guests and have them write down their answers. After all the questions have been answered, ask each one to the bride and have her give her answer. Next play the videotape of her fiancee’s answers – just for fun. The one that gets the most answers right wins! Not only is this a fun way to include the groom, you learn more about the guest of honor!

Playing “Bridal Gift Bingo” ensures that the guests will pay close attention to the gifts as they are opened! Before the bride opens any presents, have each guest create their own bingo card (to make it easier, print up blank cards before hand for them). They must fill in each square with a shower gift that the bride might open that day. For example, one box would be bath towels, another box might be pots and pans. As the bride opens her presents, the guests can mark off a box if they wrote down that particular item. The first person to get bingo wins!

For this “Think Fast” game, everyone sits in a circle. The bride begins the game by throwing a garter to someone. While attempting to catch it, she must name something found in the wedding ceremony (i.e. flowers, alter, camera). Once the garter is caught, it is quickly tossed to someone else who must name something. If she cannot answer quickly enough, that person is out of the game. Play until one person is left!

“The Mystery Spice Game” is always fun. Before the shower, take the labels off of 10 spice jars and number them. Pass the spices around and have the guests guess what they are by sight and smell – but no tasting! The guest with the most correct answers wins!

Have a “Bridal Shower Scavenger Hunt.” This activity actually takes place inside the guests’ purses! Make a list of items and assign a point system to each item. For example, 20 points for – dental floss, $100 bill, or nail polish remover; 10 points for tweezers, rubber band, or shopping list; 5 points for pen, comb, or photos. Set a timer for 4 minutes and have the guests see how many of the items they can find in their purse. The person with the most points wins!

For a funny yet meaningful moment, play “Name That Advice.” Go around the room and have the guests give the bride a piece of advice on marriage. The fun part of this is that the advice must be something that starts with the first letter of their name. For example, Jodi could tell the bride that “Jell-O is easy to make for a quick meal!,” or Laura could tell the bride to “Love him every moment.” At the end of this game, you could, as a group, award the bride with a blue bow hankie.

This game works best if the attendees are good friends or all relatives. It brings a little embarrassment and lots of laughs! First, pass out 10 pieces of candy to each person. The object of this game is the keep your candy while making everyone else eat theirs! The guest of honor starts by stating something true about herself. For example, “I never dated two guys at the same time.” Any one that has done that must eat a piece of their candy. The game continues to the next player who makes a true statement about herself. After everyone has had a turn, the person with the most candy left wins.

Tell us about how you made you bridal shower tons of fun!


  • Bridal Shower Party Ideas
  • This game is my favorite! “Bridal Bouquet Game”. Arrange separate paper bags or bags according to the amount of females in wedding party (incl. bride), to be filled with a variety of items around the home (scraps of material, ribblons, lace, old silk flowers, dried flowers etc.). Try to fill them evenly. Include in each of them 1 paper plate, scissors, some sort of stick or holder, and tape.
    The object is to divide the party guests into groups according to amount of bags for each female wedding party member. Arrange your timer and allow each group to create a bridal bouquet consisting of contents in assigned bag for their group only. When time is out, have one person from each group present bride-to-be with their team bouquet. Bride then chooses her favorite, and that team is the winning team.
    This is a great team game, allow all players to take a picture of their bouquet with bride-to-be.
    The winning bouquet is then used by the bride during her rehearsal, and the other bouquets are used by the other female wedding party members.

  • This game is just like classic musical chairs with a few bridal additions. While the music plays everyone walks in a circle around the circle of chairs while also passing wedding items from one person to another (diamond ring, veil, pearl necklace, bracelet, shoes, etc. however many you want)There does not have to be an equal number of wedding items to the number of people. When the music stops, if the person does not have any wedding items in their hand, they may sit down, however those who do have an item in their hand must race each other to the bride and put the item on her (put the diamond ring on, or pearls, etc.) and then run back to find a chair. The last person standing is eliminated for that round. As usual, then a chair is removed and one wedding item is removed from the game, and you use the same items again for the next round. It’s very fun to watch the bride get clamored as everyone is trying to dress her and race back!

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