Baby Shower Food to Satisfy Cravings

Sweet Station-Baby ShowerIt is not necessary to serve a meal at a baby shower. The best approach is to offer finger-foods, appetizers, and a dessert. There is no right or wrong refreshment to serve, just keep in mind the mom-to-be’s likes and dislikes.

Here are a few food ideas for you.

Make a watermelon “pram” centerpiece. Using a long, rather than a round watermelon, cut the melon to resemble a pram type of stroller. Lay the watermelon flat on a cutting board. With a sharp knife, cut the top of the watermelon off lengthwise (approximately ¾ of the way across the melon), leaving a “hood” at one end. Hollow out the watermelon, saving the melon to be used in a fruit salad. Cut four ½” thick slices of an orange, and attach each with a toothpick to the watermelon as stroller wheels. Carve a handle out of the top discarded rind, and attach it to the end without the “hood” with toothpicks. The Stroller can then be filled with fruit salad. Easy. . .and it will draw lots of ooohs and aaahs!

Serve little “Twinkie booties”. You will need 1 and ½ Twinkies per guest/bootie. Place one Twinkie on a plate and secure the second piece with frosting. Attach the half twinkie to the back of the first one. Using a small decorator star tip, fill the bootie with frosting starts. Using a small writing tip, pipe a contrasting bow on the front of the bootie and outline the entire bootie. These can also be used as adorable cake toppers if you choose to serve a more traditional cake.

Serve your food on a Mod Mom Tableware Ensemble for a cool party look! Check out all of our Baby Shower Decorations too!

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