Spread Good Fortune with Asian Party Favors

Chinatown PailSend guests from your Asian themed party home with beautiful favors reminiscent of eastern beauty and charm. There are plenty of great favors and favor accessories perfect for your party.

Chinatown pails or oriental mini party boxes are great for favors! They look just like the “To-Go” containers you get at Asian restaurants. You can fill these with candy, nuts or mints, and place one at each guest’s placesetting. They can then take them home as favors.

Decorate your tables with Asian votive holders then let guests take them home as favors. They’ll add a soft glow to your decorations and guests will love them.

Mini paper fans also make great decoration and favor combos. Use them in centerpieces or mounted on the wall, then let guests carry them after the meal and take them home.

Kids will love Chinese yo-yos. These fun paper yo-yos sail over three feet through the air!

You can also find personalized fortune cookies. These are especially fun for birthdays, engagements and other celebratory parties.

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