Fishy Fun for an Under the Sea Party

Engage the kids in some fun with the activities that follow:

Giant Octopus StandeeA bubble machine will entertain kids for hours as they race around popping underwater bubbles!

A Giant Octopus Standee or Giant Shark Standee are the ultimate Under the Sea party props. Take the time to have each child pose alone, and with the birthday child for pictures inside the standee.  The priceless photos can then be mailed to each guest with a thank you note at a later date.

The Octopus or Shark can also be used for two other party activities:

-Gather a couple of beanbags, or fill some uninflated balloons with rice. Use the Standee for a beanbag toss game.

-Prior to the party, fill 4-5 water bubble balloons for each child. Have mom, dad, or another good sport peek out of the opening, and then let the water fly!

Listen to squeals of delight when the kids are running old-fashioned three-tentacle (or legged) races, and crab races.  For the crab races, have the kids raise themselves up from a sitting position on their hands and knees, so that their backs are facing the ground.  The kids can also play Crab “Soccer” using an inflated balloon as a soccer ball.  If you really want to make a big splash, give all the little winners a real goldfish in a plastic fish bowl!

Mermaid and Neptune Photo OpThe kids will have a whale of a time with the shark piñata and we’ve yet to find a child who doesn’t want to grab some goodies from one at a party!

“Buried Treasure” – Blindfold the children one at a time, then let them dig deep into a giant treasure chest filled with goodies.

“Clam dig” – Use a sand box, large tub or you can even fill our giant treasure chest with sand, and bury small toy treasures for the kids to dig up.  Fill and bury some sea shell nut cups with wrapped candy.  Add some mini sea creatures for an authentic Under the Sea surprise!

Create a deep sea fishing pond, using lots of toy treats for the catch of the day.

Get caught up in a wave of fun as the kids make a craft that they can display with pride.  A tropical fish sun-catcher set, fish favor bags, or starfish pin craft kits are all sea-worthy!

Run a Deep Sea Relay, using two sets of over-sized flippers, goggles and filled-to-the-brim (with water) beach pails.  Divide the kids into two teams, and have the first in line put on the flippers and goggles.  Each person must run to a designated line…with the water filled bucket.  Each team member then runs the same course after being tagged.  Offer two prizes for this game.  One for the winning team, and one for the team with the most water left in the bucket!

Wrap a box of individually packaged Goldfish snacks (one for each child) with newspaper or butcher paper. Continue wrapping layer upon layer around the package, so that the kids can unwrap it one sheet at a time.  After you have added approximately 12-15 layers, wrap the final layer with real birthday paper and a fancy bow.  Gather the kids in a circle, play some music, and tell the kids that when the music stops, whoever is holding the package gets to unwrap the package (be specific that they may only open one layer.)  Continue playing the game until the final layer is removed.  The winner gets to give each person a package of Goldfish…so everyone wins!

If you are holding your party at a time when the weather is beautiful and balmy, request in the invitation that guests wear a bathing suit, and let the water fly! Have a water balloon fight, play water-hose limbo, or just let the kids have free time to play in the sprinkler.

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  • There are many lighting options that can make a part like this unforgettable. There is an option of getting lights with a wave effect. Will make you feel like you are really under the sea!

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