Decorations for a Marvelous Metropolitan Party

Bright Lights, Big City Photo SettingA city theme party is a great idea for adults or kids. You can mix this theme with star theme party, Paris theme party, or Mardi Gras party supplies to create your own unique city look—as casual or dressy as you like!

There are several great city theme decorating kits including tons of huge decorations for creating beautiful focal points, entrances and other decorating necessities. A Night in Times Square Kit is great for a New York City theme party!

Accent your entrances or buffet tables with a skyscraper column or lighted skyscraper. They’re versatile, free-standing decorations perfect for your city party.

Set up city lampposts around your party place for a classic accent.

Welcome guests to your city theme party with a personalized city banner. These banners are printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl, perfect for adding your custom wording. They’re available in seven different sizes with or without metal grommets to fit your decorating needs.

Accent your city theme decorations with a city skyline border, tons of stardust balloons and giant top hats. They’re perfect for a romantic metropolitan feel.

To create a city park look use lots of our faux trees. Parisian fir trees are perfect for a cultivated garden feel. Trees are great with lampposts and garland mixed in. We even have fountains for your city park theme party.

Night on the Town MuralA city skyline mural makes a perfect backdrop to your city party. Plus, you can personalize it with your party details. Huge murals complete your look for a beautiful scene.

Finish off your city theme decorations with beautiful table décor. Silver, black, and gold tableware makes a great combination for this theme. Finish off your tableware with personalized napkins, bundled with curling ribbon or stuffed in glasses for a classy look.

Decorate each of your tables with skyscraper confetti and a skyscraper votive holder or top hat centerpiece. The Night on the Town Centerpiece makes a lovely finishing touch.

Tell us all about your city themed party or event! Check out all of our party themes for more ideas!


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