Activities for a City Theme Bash

Personalized Around the World Postcard StandeeActivities for your city theme party don’t have to be anything elaborate. Simply mingling with guests and dancing is enough to make any party a good time. If you want something more structured, however, try these city theme activities.

Have guests take pictures with a personalized postcard standee. It’s perfect for group or single photo ops. Take the pictures with a digital or Polaroid camera and give guests their pictures as party favors.

Use the internet, encyclopedia or other source to create your own city trivia game. You could also use official trivia games for such city-related shows as Friends and Sex and the City.

Strike up a game of monopoly. Be sure to set a time limit so the game doesn’t last for the entire party…and then some. This game is a classic group game with a city edge.

Let us know what city themed activities you come up with!

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