Wedding Favors for Your Special Day

Personalized Wedding BubblesGiving favors to your wedding guests has become a very popular and trendy thing to do the past few years.  Since it is such a special day for you as a couple, be sure to choose a favor that will help the memory linger for many years.  Here are a few ideas of inexpensive yet cherished favors to hand out on your big day:

There is a large selection of Personalized Glassware that make perfect favors for your wedding guests.  They will also inspire many “cheers” to celebrate your nuptials!

Personalized bubbles are always a hit! They’re a great alternative to rice as you leave the church and are perfect for keeping kids happy at the reception.

Individual votive candles set at each table setting are a hot trend for wedding favors this year.  Have them personalized for greater impact.

Unique wedding favors can also be in the form of something sweet and simple.  For example, take the little tissue tag out of some Hershey Kisses and replace them with your own computer generated tag showing your name and wedding date.  Use organza bags to bunch a few for each guest. Fill a take-out box with sweets or baked goods for a delicious favor. Perfect Match Wedding Favors are a cute item to add to gift bags. Another great option is a Wedding Hershey’s Bar with a Personalized Wrapper.

A Personalized Picture Frame makes a great wedding favor too. Slip a little thank you note or poem in the photo window and later guests can replace it with their favorite photo from the event.


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