Unique Gossamer Decorating Tips

Mottled GossamerUse patterned, mottled or star gossamer to decorate for your theme party or event. These gossamer decorating tips are great for your thme decorations!

Hawaiian Luau
Cover tables, chairs, and walls with tropical-patterned gossamer and palm leaf gossamer. Accent the gossamer with large palm leaves, leis, orchids, and tropical fruit to add an island touch.

Use Hollywood gossamer and our star-patterned gossamer to add a touch of Tinsel Town to your special event. Die-cut stars, star confetti, and twinkle lights will add extra Hollywood glitz!

Retro-patterned gossamer, retro daisy gossamer, and funkadelic tie-die gossamer will all create a psychedelic atmosphere for your ‘60’s & ‘70’s theme party. Complement the look with balloons, streamers, and other decorations in yellow, lime green, and red.

International Themes
It is often difficult to decorate for international themes. However, gossamer gives you many options! Simply choose gossamer in the colors of the country’s flag and use them to add unique accents, or braid them as indicated in the “Mexican Fiesta” theme. Add actual flags from the country, along with posters and photos featuring the country’s main attractions to complete the look.

To bring the beauty and mystery of the Far East to your event, try Asian-patterned gossamer. Accent it with red, black and white gossamer for variety. Complete the look with paper lanterns and fans.

Jungle & Safari
Use zebra-patterned gossamer, tiger gossamer, and palm leaf gossamer for your jungle or safari theme party. Accent the décor with palm leaves, die-cut vines, and safari-print balloons.

Castle & Fairytale
To create a soft, romantic look, use our white or metallic silver gossamer to decorate ceilings, walls, and tables. Then use cobblestone-patterned gossamer on the floors to create decorative walkway areas (be sure that guests do not walk on the gossamer). Add water gossamer to create a “moat” or stream around your castle for the finishing touch!

City Scene
Transform your party room into a downtown city at night. Mix black gossamer with some star-patterned gossamer to cover ceilings and walls. Use twinkle lights under the gossamer lengths for added sparkle.

Sky Scene
Create a cloud-filled ceiling with cloud-patterned gossamer and dark blue cloud gossamer. You can also make 2-D clouds! Simply cover cloud-shaped cardboard pieces with cloud gossamer and hang them from the ceiling with monofilament line (available at a hardware store).

Underwater Scene
First, create an underwater world by using water-patterned gossamer and dark blue water gossamer to cover the ceiling. Then, accent tables, chairs, and walls with the gossamer. Top it off with foil fish, sea shells, and small clear balloon “bubbles” to add an ocean touch.

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  • Hello I have read alot about your gossamer and I am interested in getting some for my wedding. I am getting married in a bar and would like to cover all the walls to make it look more like a classy ballroom but dont want to spend alot. I was wondering what you recomended for 10 foot cielings.

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