Gossamer Decorating Ideas and Basics

Gossamer StreamersGossamer is an extremely light, non-woven fabric that can be used to create wonderful ceilings and walls, tie gorgeous bows, and wrap presents. In addition, it can be used time and again, as well as inside and outside, giving you even more value and options. Gossamer drapes and swags beautifully and is the decorating essential!

We are your gossamer headquarters! We carry a huge selection of colors, patterns, and metallics in widths and lengths to suit any party decorating need.

There is also flame-retardant gossamer in many colors. This gossamer has passed flame-retardant test NFPA #701. (Local fire regulations may vary. Please check your fire regulations to verify that they conform to NFPA #701 prior to hanging gossamer.)

Gossamer can be used in tons of different locations to fit a wide variety of themes. Just select your favorite colors, patterns, or themes then use our gossamer decorating tips to create the decorations to make your party or event look lovely!

You can use gossamer to decorate ceilings, walls, floors, chairs, tables and much more!

Gossamer also makes great gift wrap. Here’s what you do:

Gossamer Bows
Create beautiful bows with 19” wide gossamer. Cut a 6’ length of 19” wide gossamer. Fold it in half the long way to 9” wide. Find the center of the gossamer and fold the ends into the center, overlapping slightly. Staple the ends in place. Repeat the process with three more 6’ lengths of gossamer. Stack the lengths on top of each other at varying widths (to create a wider bow). Staple all the lengths together. Cut a short piece of 19” wide gossamer, pleat and gather it to about 6” wide. Wrap it around the center of the lengths, pull it tight and staple it together in the back of the bow.

Cut one final piece of gossamer for the bow tail and staple it in the middle on the back of the bow. The same method can be used to make bows of any size, using 60” wide or 107” wide material.

To wrap gifts, measure and cut the gossamer as you would traditional gift-wrap. Cellophane tape will keep the gossamer wrapping in place. Choose a deeptone gossamer color to match the theme of the party, or the color preference of the gift recipient. Or, opt for a patterned gossamer to match the party theme. For example, wrap your gift for a Luau party with our tropical-patterned gossamer.

Basic Tips

•  Gossamer can be sewn together (even on a sewing machine!) or glued together (a hot glue gun works great).
•  Secure two pieces of gossamer together with a stapler.
•  Attach gossamer to walls and other stationary items with a staple gun.
•  Double-sided tape and duct tape can also be used. Fold the duct tape and secure it on the back side of the gossamer, so that it does not show.
•  Roll gossamer up like wrapping paper before storing it to
decrease wrinkles.
•  To cut gossamer, pull the fabric taut and cut it with scissors (or a rotary cutter) to get a straight cut. For a decorative edge, use pinking shears!

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