Decorations for the Wedding of Your Dreams

Wedding DecorationsCeremony Decorating Ideas

Make your wedding day dreams come true with the following decorating tips for your ceremony.  Whether it will be held in a church or on a sunset beach it doesn’t matter, many of these ideas can be used anywhere you choose to say, “I do.”

Tie the knot under our white columns and gossamer fabric.  Simple, yet beautiful and romantic!  The celebration wedding canopy is another great option!

Of course you will want to use a lot of fresh flowers in your wedding colors.  You may also want to opt for a few large potted trees up front.  These add high drama and when white twinkle lights are added they become truly stunning!  Consider Evergreens for a winter wedding, Oak or Maple for an autumn affair, or blooming Azaleas or Forsythia for springtime romance.

Use gossamer streamers in colors to coordinate to your wedding.  Tie bows around each of your chairs or drape them across the front of your stage.  These also look nice when swaged between the pews down the center isle.

You won’t want to forget an elegant aisle runner to set the stage for the grand entrance!  Add beauty to this tradition by scattering silk rose petals down the center.

Table Decorations

For the most elegant look, start with covering your tables in white or ivory table covers and table skirts or rent white linens. Gossamer is also a great product and one you should consider for covering your reception tables.  We have all of the colors to match your wedding and because it is slightly sheer, a layered effect is gorgeous.  Even if you opt not to rent expensive china and nice silverware, add elegance by purchasing imprinted flutes or goblets for each guest to use at the reception and take home as favors.

Here are some unique and beautiful centerpieces that are sure to whisk you and your guests away into a magical night of new beginnings!  Remember, the centerpieces don’t have to be large and expensive.  A simple vase with a single flower and greenery can look elegant.

Celebration CanopyPlace three or more votive candleholders (clear, frosted or cracked ice) in the center of your tables or clustered together at evenly spaced intervals on a banquet type table. You can increase your brilliant light by placing a mirror under one or two of the votives. Place the other candles around the mirror and enjoy twice as much flickering light from the reflection. To add a bit more glitz and glimmer, sprinkle confetti or place gemstones around the votives. These will also reflect the light and add sparkle to your tables. Use a confetti color that coordinates with your theme colors. Finish off your centerpieces with your choice of votive candle color. Choose the color that works best with your color scheme and enjoy the fabulous scent that will fill the air.

A second option to consider is to use tapered candles. The elegant lines of taper candles can dress up any table. We recommend grouping them together in odd numbers 1,3,5, etc. At the base of the taper candles, place greenery, gemstones, wired garland, puddled gossamer, or confetti. Place fresh flower petals around the candles for a romantic touch.

If an enclosed flame is a must, try decorative candle lamps. These lamps can be personalized with the date and theme of the wedding or can be left unimprinted. Place at the center of each table with flower petals, ivy strands, confetti or curled ribbon scattered at the base.

Floating candles make a beautiful centerpiece for any wedding table. Delicate candles in the shape of flowers can easily be placed in bowls, snifters, or other wide mouth glassware pieces. Simply fill each candle bowl with water (about halfway) and place a floating flower candle in each bowl. Add color to the centerpieces by placing a sprig of greenery or colorful confetti around the base of the glass. Add a few drops of food coloring to the water if you wish to tint it to match your theme colors. Another color option is to add gemstones inside the glass container.

Luminaries provide an easy, very inexpensive centerpiece. The candlelight glows softly through the cutout openings for a dreamy effect. Set three or four down the center of a table, with confetti scattered between them, or set one at each place setting.

Balloons are an affordable and easy product to use to create centerpieces. Select balloons and curling ribbon to match your wedding colors. Inflate the balloons (always use an odd number-3, 5, or 7) with helium and let the colorful bouquets float above the table. Make sure the balloons float well above eye level so guests can easily see each other across the table. Secure the balloons by tying the ribbons to Mylar covered weights, floral vases, upside-down top hats, or other theme related items.

If you prefer not to use helium, attach the balloons to balloon sticks and holders and create a bouquet with balloons. Fill a simple vase, metallic tote bag, or other colorful base with metallic shred, gemstones or brightly colored tissue.

Use a pedestal-style cake platter as a centerpiece to display a combination of flowers and fruits. For example, pears and apples blend beautifully with a mixture of white flowers. Around the base of the pedestal, tie a flowing streamer of gossamer or wired organza ribbon. The fruit can easily be added with toothpicks to a block, cone, or sphere of floral foam.

Reception Direction SignsPlace tall topiaries in hand-painted or sponged flowerpots. Fill the topiaries with sugared or fresh fruit, dried or wild flowers, or lemon leaves. Twist gossamer streamers from the top of the topiary to the base, and allow the streamers to flow 10-15″ down the table.

Fill crystal or glass bowls with colorful glass ornaments to match your wedding colors. Place the bowl on a bed or shredded paper or confetti in complementary colors.

Ice sculptures are perfect for winter weddings.

Fine china teapots are great for Victorian theme weddings, or afternoon receptions.

Elegant feathers in wedding colors make simple but elegant centerpieces.

Use gossamer bows to “gift-wrap” tables. Create a large bow in the middle of the table, and then drape the ends of the ribbon to the floor.

Silver bowls filled with exotic fruits make elegant and edible centerpieces.

Small statues of angels, Cupid, and other ancient figures are romantic. Sprinkle gold or silver confetti around the statues for extra glitz.

Spray paint seasonal fruits and/or vegetables (for example for a fall wedding, choose pumpkins, various gourds and autumn leaves) with either gold paint or a color to complement your theme colors. Twist strands of gossamer streamers through the arranged pieces for a stunning effect.

Work with your florist to create centerpieces with flowers that coordinate with your ceremony flowers.  Be careful not to make them so large (unless they are elevated) that your guests cannot see each other across the tables.  Instead of table numbers on each of the tables, use a different type of flower on each table to represent the table where your guests are to sit.  Create full centerpieces of only one particular flower and place them on each table.  Then, when creating your place cards, write the type of flower in place of the table number.


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