By Royal Decree…Princess Invitations

Castle InvitationAfter selecting this princess theme for your party, choose a slogan or theme to use in your invitations and to tie in decorations and personalized favors to your precious princess theme. Try one of the following or brainstorm with the birthday girl to come up with the perfect slogan for your party:

• “Princess Party at Marissa’s Magical Kingdom”
• “Hear Ye, Hear Ye…Princess Brooke is turning 4!”
• “Gabrielle’s Pink Princess Party”


Choose one of the following invitations to let your young guests know what a splendid time they will have at the party:

• The Birthday Princess Ensemble contains an invite that is perfect for this theme.  Address each envelope to “Princess (first name).”
• As an alternative, a Castle Invitation is absolutely charming!  The invitations can be imprinted with your choice of wording…and you can use the slogan you choose to set just the right tone for the party.
• Consider sprinkling some magical palace powder in the form of castle confetti inside the envelope to give guests a sneak preview of the royal fun that awaits them!
• Consider attaching a computer-generated tag to a mini slipper with silver curling ribbon. Invite guests by saying, “Only you can fill this shoe…by coming to my Princess Party!” Hand-deliver these invites on a lovely white satin pillow, (leaving only the shoe invitation with each guest!)

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