Activities and Tips for a Smooth Wedding Day

Tabletop-Chandelier-CenterpiecePlanning a wedding can be exciting, hectic and frustrating all at the same time. Somehow, after all of the hours of hard work, a spectacular wedding emerges. Here are a few little touches to consider when planning your wedding.

• Ask the florist to place two loose roses in your bridal bouquet. During the wedding ceremony, perhaps during a hymn or after the lighting of the candles, remove the two roses. Together, as bride and groom, walk down to both sets of parents. Greet the bride’s parents first, and present the mothers with the roses. Give each parent (father and mother alike) a small hug and a quick word or two of love and thankfulness. (“Thank you for everything, I love you” – “Thanks for being such wonderful parents” – “Thanks for sharing your wonderful son with me”) Return to the altar. If there are more then two sets of parents ask the florist for more “loose” roses in the bouquet and visit each set or individual. This entire process should be executed quickly.

• Often times a receiving line at a reception can be very long, and the process can be tiring and tedious for the wedding party and guests alike. One way to have a brief visit with each guest is to usher guests out, aisle by aisle, as the new Mr. and Mrs.. After the big kiss and the recessional walk down the aisle, let the main ushers return for key family members…Moms and Dads and grandparents. Return down the aisle as husband and wife. Stand at the first row and invite the guests to leave the church. As they get up to leave, greet each guest and say a QUICK “thank you for coming – you look great – See you at the reception – save a dance for me – ” etc. The guests can then proceed to the back of the church, where, if your parents wish, they can also say hello and thank the guests for coming. The key here is to keep the lines moving so no one is waiting too long. Guests are much more comfortable sitting and waiting to be greeted with beautiful music playing than they are standing in a long line!

• Everyone always wonders who’s who in the wedding party. Why not spell it out in the program. There is usually plenty of room on the back or inside of the program to give a brief bio of each individual in the wedding party. You might list how you are related, how you met, how long you’ve been friends, etc. It is also fun to add a small note to personalize each such as: Lynn and I have been friends since we were 3. She taught me how to make perfect mud pies and later double dated with me at the Senior Prom. She has been a dear friend for as long as I can remember. Lynn currently lives in Chicago and works for Quaker Oats. Remember, keep it clean and nice. What may seem like a good joke when you are working on the drafts may not be appropriate on your wedding day. Bear in mind that your grandmother will read this!

• Another fun program addition is courtship highlights. List key locations, players, and events that lead up to the wedding day. Perhaps the name of the person who introduced you, the name of the first movie you went to, the location where you first said “I Iove you.” The list does not require explanation, as those close to you will know most of them and for others it is fun to figure them out as you wait for the ceremony to start.

• If you will be moving, why not list your new address on the back of the program.

• It can never hurt to thank your parents and friends in writing. For example: A special thank you to our parents for supporting us through the years. For being there through tears and laughter. You have made our lives special with your love and understanding. As we begin as two, we pray to follow the example of love and family commitment that you have presented to us. All our love.”

• Bubbles are a fun addition to a wedding or reception. Have guests blow bubbles as you leave the church or as you leave for your honeymoon.

• Place a small basket of essentials at the church and at the reception for the wedding party. Place it in the restrooms. Most attendants will not be carrying a purse. Include in the basket items for makeup touchups, safety pins, brush and a comb, breath mints, bobby pins, perfume, you name it. This can save last minute panic!

• Design a Wedding Recipe book. Pass it to friends/special guests and allow them to add their special recipes for a happy marriage.

• If any young children are to be included in the reception, make plans to keep them occupied during the meal and special toasts. Prior to the wedding, leave a coloring book and package of crayons at each child’s place setting. They will be excited…and quiet!

• Scatter various herbs on the entry or dance floor so the air is filled with a delicious fragrance. Try thyme, mint, lemon balm or ground eucalyptus. Create an instant feeling of warmth and happiness.

• Instead of using numbers for your tables, give them names. Use names of romantic figures, such as “Cupid”, “Casanova”, “Romeo” and “Juliet” and others. Or, choose names that are special to you – countries you have visited, cities located in the country you will honeymoon, etc.

• Entertain your guests with a special video or slide show of the happy couple from childhood to current time. Honor your parents by using the cake-topper from their wedding cake, displaying photos from their wedding day and by playing their wedding song.

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