Souvenirs from a Jungle Safari Party

Safari Favor PackParty favors make fun accessories for a jungle themed party. You don’t have to wait until the end of the party to give your jungle favors away!

At the door, present each guest with a jungle explorer kit including a pith helmet and a set of binoculars. They can use these accessories throughout the party as they set out on their jungle safari.

Fill plastic canteens with drinks and hand them out to guests. They can sip from the canteen during the party or dinner, then take them home as party favors.

To create goodie bags, try a Safari Favor Pack, which kids will love, or fill our animal print bags with party favors of your own choosing.

For grown-up guests, try a coconut votive holders. They’ll love setting these candle holders on their own tables at home! Animal print masks also make fun items for guests to wear throughout the party!

Party favors are a great way to get guests in the mood for a jungle safari!

2 thoughts on “Souvenirs from a Jungle Safari Party

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