Scrounge Up Some Grub with Jungle Party Food

Jungle Party PackCreating food for your jungle party can be a lot of fun! There are tons of possibilities for fun-filled jungle snacks.

Create an oasis in the jungle or a tiki hut filled with food. Use a Tiki Hut Topper to cover your food table!

Great food ideas for this party include:
• Trail mix snack mixes. You can buy them pre-made or make your own jungle assortment.
• Tropical fruit salad (bananas, mangoes, kiwi, papaya, etc.).
• Leafy green salad.
• Gummy insects and worms.
• “Dirt Pudding” made from chocolate pudding and crumbled Oreo cookies.
• Rotisserie-style chicken or pork.
• “Jungle Juice” made from red or green Kool-aid or lemon-lime punch and lime sorbet.

Make an animal cake by adding two cupcakes in front of a large round cake. The cupcakes are paws and the large cake is a face. Decorate the large cake with colored frosting and candies to look like your favorite jungle animal!

Don’t forget Jungle Themed Tableware and table decorations too!

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