Safari Activities for a Jungle Party

Jungle Animal Foam Craft KitThere are tons of great activities you can plan for your jungle theme party!

Kids will love coloring pictures of their favorite jungle animals. They can also create masks out of paper plates and construction paper or animal puppets out of small paper bags and construction paper or foam shapes. Animal print bags would be great!

The Foam Animals Craft Kit is a great way for kids to make their own model animals. They’ll love to take them home as favors too!

A Lion Piñata is a fun activity for all ages. Everyone will love taking a whack at the piñata and rushing for handfuls of the piñata filler!

Start a game of animal charades for older kids or adults.

Hold an animal or jungle trivia contest. Gather information from animal websites or the encyclopedia and have guests match wits.

Take commemorative photos with animal standees or lion photo-op.

There are tons of different activities you can create to host a fun jungle party. Let us know what you come up with!

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  • I’m in love , my heart is beating awsome party activities , I’m the event coordinator at our church , and we really need to get more activities for our kids especially kids that’s is the heartbeat that makes our guest day . thank you so much for sharing be blessed , joelle in west texas

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