Round up the Explorers with Jungle Invitations

Animal Print MasksA jungle theme party makes for a unique event to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or just to have fun! Once you’ve decided to host a jungle party, the first step is to set a budget and a guest list.

Send out invitations about 3-4 weeks ahead of time and expect about 25% to come back as regrets. ShindigZ has tons of personalized invitations for your party. Check out theses jungle invitation tips too!

For a cool touch to your invitations, attach your invitation to a Pith Helmet with a piece of tape or tie the invitation to a pair of binoculars or an animal print mask with curling ribbon. Hand deliver the invites to guests and remind them to bring their jungle gear to the party.

Toss some Palm Tree Confetti into the envelopes to give your invitees a bright surprise.

Make your own invitations out of construction paper and markers. Animal shapes, trees, insects or jungle gear make great invitation themes. This is especially fun for a kids’ party!

Check out the rest of our jungle party tips for more ideas on how to host this wild party!


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