Get in the Groove with Retro Party Activities

Peace Sign Photo Stand InHere are some totally groovy games and activities that will work for many different age groups. Relax, get funky, and enjoy a few of these at your next Retro party!

Borrowing from the concept of the tried and true game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, we suggest a fun game of “Pin the Smile on the Smiley Face.” Use yellow paper to create a giant smiley face with eyes but no mouth. Cut smiles out of black construction paper. Blindfold each participant as his/her turn arrives, spin, point in the right direction, and watch your smiley get really happy! For older kids, try a game of “Pin the Peace Sign on the Hippie.” Same concept…a little more grown up.

If you weren’t around to do the Hustle, the Bump and the Bus Stop the first time around, find a friend or neighbor who was and recruit him or her. Teach these popular and simple steps to your party guests and enjoy the fun!

Divide the guests into two equal teams. Create two starting lines with masking tape, and secure two giant smileys or peace signs in place about 10-15 yards away (Try our giant flower standee). Line the teams up with the disco wardrobe at the starting line. At the signal to begin, the first player on each team quickly dresses up, runs the course, and then returns the wardrobe to the next player. The first team to complete the course wins. An Afro wig, love beads, fringe vest, and hippie glasses will lead to some “hustling” to the finish line.

Young girls will love to create wreathes for their hair using fresh daisies. Put a smile on their glowing faces, as you remember how much you enjoyed this as a child.

Re-runs of the best shows from the 60’s and 70’s are plentiful. Set your VCR to tape a few episodes of the Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, Gilligan’s Island, and I Dream of Jeannie or check for these series on DVD. Adults will love the opportunity to re-visit some of their favorites. Make a game of it with the adults. Tape 15-25 episodes of one show, and then see who can remember the outcome the fastest. Fast forward as soon as someone guesses, and keep track of points. The prize . . . the tape of course!

A Flower Piñata makes a party game everyone will love—especially scrambling to get the candy filler!

Take some time creating memories to last forever with a great photo opportunity in a Retro Car Standee or Peace Sign Photo Stand In!

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