“Hola!” Fiesta Invitations to Excite Guests

Hot-Times-Fiesta-InvitationsSay “Ole!” to a party that is filled with good food, fun decorations, and great times! Start your fiesta party planning with a festive invitation that is sure to let all the senors and senoritas know that this will be a party filled with Mexican flavor! Some invitation ideas include:

Make it simple by sending out fiesta invitations.

Attach your invitation to one of our Tissue Flowers (this will have to be hand-delivered)

Attach your invitation to sombreros and request that each guest wear the sombrero to the fiesta. This will get everyone in the mood for your event, even before it begins! (These will have to be hand-delivered.)

Find small Mexican flags to send along with your invitations

Tie a small dried chili pepper to your invitation with curling ribbon (this will have to be hand-delivered)

Sprinkle in some Chili Pepper Confetti with your invitations for instant sizzle!

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