Decorations for a Festive Fiesta Party

Fiesta DecorationsDecorating for your fiesta party is easy and fun. ShindigZ has tons of party supplies to help you create a festive fiesta setting for all your friends to party in. Add some party music and delicious Fiesta Food and you’re ready to celebrate!

Outdoor Decorations:

Hang some cactus lights outside your party site for a bright, festive look. The lights alternate between boots and cacti.

Add bunches of Fiesta Mylar Balloons to let guests know that the fiesta is here or create a sizzling start with an inflatable chili pepper and cactus placed strategically around the doorway.

Indoor Decorations:

Create a stunning entrance with a fiesta entrance and lamp post. These unique items will let guests know that the fiesta fun starts here! In addition to serving as fabulous decor, they also make wonderful photo backdrops for party pics.

If you have access to a large Mexican flag, hang it at a focal point in your room. Then, use smaller flags to decorate the walls and doors, etc.

Don’t forget to decorate with balloons! Our fiesta balloons are exactly the right colors to make your guests feel like they are in Mexico.

Fiesta Room SettersTo transform your party room in an instant, braid our gossamer together in the mexican flag colors of red, green and white. Swag this “flag” from walls and ceilings. Use 19″ lengths of gossamer and gather them to approximately 2″ wide. Braid the lengths of gossamer using the standard braiding method. Staple the braid at each end to keep the gossamer strands in place.

Red tissue flowers will recall the beauty of the Mexican landscape. Place these in bunches around your room.

For an authentic touch, visit your local travel agent and try to get posters of Mexico – some city scenes, some beach scenes and scenes of some of the historic ruins. You can mount these on foam core and hang them on the walls.

Table Decorations:

We offer fiesta confetti. Scatter this on your tables, on the floors (if you don’t mind the mess!) and inside your invitation envelopes.

Start with our Fiesta Tableware Ensembles to set a festive table and add some other table decorations for a look that can’t be ignored!

Use real cactus plants for your centerpieces or try our fiesta party centerpiece.

Now, enjoy your party!

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