Activities for a Fantastic Fiesta Party

Rodeo Photo Op StandeeEven without activities, your guests will have plenty to do at your fiesta — after all, there’s lots of great food to enjoy! However, it’s always fun to have some authentic activities to really get guests in the mood to fiesta! Check out these ideas:

Hire a mariachi band to entertain guests throughout the evening

Set up a fun photo setting with an Amigos Photo Op and get your cameras out for some lasting memories!

Set up a table and show guests how to make piñatas.

Hang our piñatas and have guests see who can be the first to break them!

Hire some Mexican dancers to teach your guests how to do traditional Mexican dances

Have guests decorate their sombreros with gossamer streamers and tissue flowers. Award prizes for the prettiest, most creative, and most authentic.

Teach everyone how to make salsa.

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