Transform Your Party Space with Mardi Gras Decorations

Midnight Masquerade DecorationsDecorating for a Mardi Gras party is almost as fun as the party itself! Imagine yourself hanging out on Bourbon Street among a sea of purple, green, and gold beads, laughing and having a jazzy time with your friends. It’s no wonder you want to pay tribute to the awesome city of N’awlins and the annual traditional of Mardi Gras!

Here are some decorating tips to help get your started.

Large Decorating Items:

Replicate the frenzy of the French Quarter or the cool atmosphere of a jazz club with decorations. Start by decorating everything in purple, green, and gold. These are the traditional colors of Mardi Gras and symbolize justice (purple), faith (green) and power (gold). Add some fun focal points like giant Mardi Gras masks or a New Orleans Jazz Lamp Post. Hang beads over the decorations for an extra Mardi Gras touch!

If you are looking for a unique twist on your Mardi Gras party, try a fun Voodoo Lounge theme kit. The smiling gator kings in this kit can’t wait to take a big bite out of your bash!

With so much fun underway, you will need to have a camera on hand. Pose for hilarious photos with a Jester Standee. Kids young and old will love this prop!

Mardi Gras Memories Murals are the perfect way to announce the big party! Add your information to the colorful 5′ x 5′ mural!

Mardi Gras Hand ColumnsOf course, no Mardi Gras party is complete without three basic necessities. Use these everywhere and anywhere for a festive flair to your off-Bourbon Street party. Remember – more is better when it comes to these three items: beads, masks, and coins.


Regular, metallic, pearl, crown medallions, you name it – everyone should be wearing Mardi Gras beads. Have a variety on hand for extra fun.

Here are some decorating ideas to use your beads, instead of just wearing them around your neck:

• Use them like confetti and scatter them across your tables
• Drape them over lamp shades, picture frames, mirrors, and fireplace mantels
• You can string them like garland and wrap them up your stairway railing
• Hang them from the handles of your kitchen cabinets
• Fill bowls and vases full of colorful toss beads to add a brilliantly colorful accent to your party site


Everyone attending your party should definitely have a Mardi Gras mask! Be sure to have them on hand to pass out to your guests when they arrive. Masks are an easy and affordable way to dress up your guests and get them in the spirit. The masks can incorporate feathers, beads, and sequins and are usually found in purple, green, and gold combinations. If you have some reluctant guests, have a few simple style masks available so that all may participate in the fun. Again, masks are a great way to add some decorating flair to the whole party scene and not just the partygoers themselves!

Here are a few simple ideas:

• Adorn the front door with an assortment of masks hung at various heights and angles.
• Create a simple centerpiece by placing masks on sticks and putting them in a vase of water colored with food coloring in purple, green or gold. Fill the vase with metallic coins to add more sparkle and pizzazz.
• Tape masks to each kitchen cupboard to add snap to this very popular room in your house!
• Display a Blushing Elegance Mask on your mantel or on the wall behind your buffet table for a huge impact at a low price!


Toss coins are another essential item that will create a true Mardi Gras mania atmosphere! These can be scattered on tables or simply bundled up into small packages to serve as a perfect favor for your guests. If you will be serving a sit-down dinner, place a small bundle of coins at each place setting. Attach a mask to a small stick, write your guests’ names on the masks with fabric paint, and place the stick in the opening of the bundle of coins for an original placecard idea.

Along with these three basic decorating elements, here are some more great suggestions to help you create your very own Bourbon Street festival.

• Mardi Gras-patterned gossamer (a lightweight fabric) would be great to use to create swags, tie bows, or cover chairs. This is a very economical fabric that adds a wonderful and festive touch.
• Fill the room with Mardi Gras colored balloons. Hang the balloons from the ceiling by tying Curling Ribbon to air-inflated balloons and dangling them from the ceiling. Create a simple arch by the entranceway by alternating purple, green and gold balloons.
• Use confetti everywhere. It may be time-consuming to pick up the next day, but it creates a festive Mardi Gras mood and when scattered on the floor, it encourages the guests to dance the night away.
• Hang shiny metallic curtains in every doorway and line your room with Mardi Gras garland.

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