Stellar Activities for your Star Theme Party

Glow in the Dark StarsThere are plenty of possibilities for activities at your star themed party! Here are some ideas we have for star activities. Let us know what ideas you come up with!

Get together a demonstration at a local planetarium. Some offer light shows or special star shows. If this is not an option, go outside (on a clear night) and stargaze. Have a contest to see who can correctly identify the most constellations.

Use Glow-in-the-Dark Stars to create a galaxy of your favorite constellations on ceilings, gossamer fabric, or walls. Have guests gather around while you explain the constellation stories or see if any of your guests know these stories.

Write the names of celebrities, historical figures, artists, etc. on die-cut stars and pin them to the back of your guests’ clothing as they arrive. Have them spend the night trying to figure out who they are. Or, do the reverse, hand each guest a die-cut star with a name on it and have them keep it a secret. They should speak and act as though they were the person on their star throughout the night and only put the star on their clothing when someone has correctly guessed who they are. The last person not wearing their star wins! These games are great conversation starters!

Party activities are great ways to give away party favors. Remember, sometimes good conversation and food is the best activity!

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  • My friend Sabrina is having a party soon and is inviting EVERYONE in our class.I am helping her with planning and stuff like that.

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