Start the Mardi Gras Magic with Personalized Invitations

Masquerade Invitation - Mardi GrasMardi Gras is a wonderful, fun-filled, lively holiday that creates a colorful break in the long days of winter. Unfortunately, not everyone can make their way to New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras – so this year, throw a party to celebrate the spirit of Mardi Gras in your own home! Host a Mardi Gras party for friends or family or as a benefit for Katrina relief efforts.

No matter what type of Mardi Gras party you decide to hold, the first step is setting a budget and a guest list. Send invitations out 3-4 weeks before the party and expect about a quarter to come back as regrets.

A slogan is a must for your invitation! You definitely want to spread the word and generate excitement for your event! How about one of the following:

“Let the Good Times Roll – (Your Event Name)”
“New Orleans at (Your Event Name)”
“Mardi Gras Mambo”
“Fat Tuesday Festivities”
“Mardi Gras Madness”
“Rio Carnival”
“Have Beads – Will Party!”
“Mardi Gras Magic”
“Bourbon Street Bash”

Along with a clever slogan, you will want to send an enticing invitation to let your guests know that this will be an event they won’t want to miss! Here are a couple of ideas:

There is a terrific paper Mardi Gras mask that could be used as an invitation. Simply attach a card or note to each one and either hand-deliver or find an appropriate envelope to send them in.

A Mardi Gras Confetti Invitation features a sea of purple, green, and gold confetti around your personalized invitation. This fun invitation will generate excitement for your bash!

Shimmering Mardi Gras InvitationFor a sparkling invitation with a unique shape, try a Shimmering Mardi Gras Invitation, featuring bright colors and an innovative circular shape with a hinge revealing your party information.

A Masquerade Invitation is another mask style invitation that will get guests in the mood to party. It is an elegant choice, featuring a soft feather plume.

For a unique invitation, use curling ribbon to tie invitations to Katrina Relief bracelets and hand deliver them to your guests. $1 will be donated for each bracelet you buy.

Check out our decorating tips too!


  • Hi,

    We were just wondering, where could we buy 500 of the black masks w/ white feather invitiations? (first picture on the Mardi Gras party link)

    Torrey Pines High School Class of 2009

  • Help Please: I have been asked to help a family that is having a Sweet 16 Party using the Mardi Gras theme. They already have ShindigZ decorations, etc. However, they have asked me to work on the invitation using the Shimmering Mardi Gras Invitation — I need help in how to prepare the copy for the invitation so that it can be printed and shipped in time to them. I understand the family already has an account with ShindigZ. Please respond ASAP. Thank you—

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