Get the Soiree Started with Mardi Gras Activities

Mardi Gras MaskIncorporate beads, masks, and coins into games or activities throughout the night. Beads can be awarded for winning games, answering trivia questions or just being at the right spot at the right time. The winner of the evening can be the guest who has amassed the most Mardi Gras items by the end of the night!

Hang a Mardi Gras Fringe Mask on one wall. Let the guests do the decorating throughout the night. Place feathers, pieces of purple, green, and gold paper, beads etc. in bowls around the mask. Also, have glue, tape, or a lo-temp glue gun available for the guests to attach items. By the end of the night your decoration will be completed.

You can energize your crowd and have big fun by crowning a king and queen every hour the entire evening! The royal pair can be selected by popular vote, ability to eat crawfish in the most flamboyant fashion, best or most original costume, by total dollars contributed to each candidate (later donated to charity) or by the luck of the draw. Crown your queen and king with traditional Mardi Gras tiaras and crowns, or opt for a fun Mardi Gras top hat. Mardi Gras is one parade after another, each having a king and queen of its own. Why not have royalty at your party to complete the tradition?

Music, music, and more music. There can never be enough! Select CDs before the evening begins and include some jazz favorites, a Neville Brothers CD or two and, of course, Mambo Number 5. Enhance your jazzy theme with a Mardi Gras Music Entrance and Jazz Player Standees.

Capture the entire Mardi Gras bash you are hosting on film. Take plenty of photos and provide guests with disposable cameras to catch the fun and excitement of the celebration. You might want to consider providing a photo backdrop for this opportunity – like a Mardi Gras Memories Mural.

Tell us about your Mardi Gras activities!

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